Monday, May 12, 2008

The Lion Handbook to the Bible: David & Pat Alexander

If you've invested in, or dusted off, a Bible version you may as well get this as well -- the best one-volume reference book on the planet, in my humble opinion. My son got given a copy of the revised edition which is even better than the original that we've had on our shelves for many years. Sumptuous photography and a crowd of biblical critics distilling their scholarship into crisp articles that agree with most of my personal prejudices. If I was allowed a second book on a desert island, along with my Bible, and couldn't take Shipbuilding for Beginners or Vegetable Gardening for Seaside Locations or even 101 Survival Tips Involving Coconuts I think I'd take either this or my Greek-English dictionary, and while away the years musing on all this nourishing truth.

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