Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The complete idiots' guide to time management

An unlikely Good Read, it coincided with me discovering mortality. I think I picked it up as a busy and ambitious bloke with wide opportunities* opening up in the world of publishing and in the organization I worked for. And not enough time to fit everything in.

I read it after a near-fatal heart disease that left me, in my mid-thirties, disabled, off work for three months, banned from going out in the evenings, waking up with severe heart pains and every time I looked at my four-year-old son and my six-year-old daughter, thinking I was going to die.

I didn't die. I have lived to see my kids become bigger and wiser than me. But I did learn that 'time management' is not about packing as much into life as possible, but taking out as much out as possible -- everything that, in the final analysis, doesn't really matter. I loved this book.

*in my little world at least

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